Violet Paint Prints

violet paint prints

Spring is almost upon us!  Let’s celebrate and get crafty with this beautiful print made from celery stalks.  I really enjoy making prints from natural objects like fruits and vegetables, as you never know how the print will turn out.  This is especially fun with children, as it is almost a “magical experience” for them to watch, experience, and do themselves.  Get your kiddos, a few simple materials, and enjoy the time spent together creating this beautiful work of art!  Here goes…

You will need: paint, paintbrush, celery stalks, paper plates, and paper.


  1. Squeeze desired paint colors (we used purple, white, and green for our violets) into separate piles on paper plates.
  2. Dip the celery stalk into paint (not too much or it clogs up the celery) and press firmly onto paper.  You can use a rubber band to place around the celery stalk to change the desired flower print and/or pattern.
  3. Finish by drawing steams on the violets, grass, etc. to your masterpiece.

Hint…Hint… This is an awesome gift for Mother’s Day!! 🙂

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